IETF Patents and GPL

Lawrence E. Rosen warns the Open Source community about IETF patents in the OSI discussion mailinglist:

“As I understand the GPL, none of the IETF standards that include that patented technology can be implemented under the GPL because of its Section 7.

Any open source projects implementing IETF standards should carefully review the IETF IPR list to ensure that they have proper patent licenses.”

An additional remark by Eben Moglen states:

“Moreover, patents are not global, only local. To say that we cannot *develop* under GPL because a patent exists in country X, and a license has been published there to which those making, using, or selling in country X *might* be asked to subscribe would go much too far. That situation certainly does not prevent development elsewhere, and distribution under GPL can certainly proceed.”

Find the whole thread here.

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