Xopus as Apache Project?

In a recent post to the Xopus mailinglist, Q42 (the company behind Xopus) announced that they will concentrate on the commercial (closed source) version of Xopus and try to make the open source version an Apache project. While Xopus is an XML WISIWYG editor mainly for the IE Microsoft browser, there’s another XML WISIWYG editor working with Mozilla called Bitflux Editor. We are very excited to see, which of those editors will first become IE and Mozilla compliant, as this might be a decisive aspect concerning their use.

ZZ/OSS implemented Bitflux Editor in oc4ware 0.4.2 as a proof of concept.

ZZ/OSS CTO Christian Zonsius did a comparison of both editors a while ago in the oc4ware mailinglist: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=1137299&forum_id=8231

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