Empathy in Marketing and Sales

Seth Godin’s thoughts on empathy:

The mistake most blogs and books make: they are about the writer, not the reader.

That’s only half the truth, because the art of self-disclosure lets others open up and tell you about their needs:

The idea that self-disclosure is important in relationships is no big surprise.

Ask a company founder why he started his business and you’ll hear a real-life story about a concrete problem for which he was missing an adequate solution. His story will help you  understand his product and it will also make you think about how it can make your life easier.

Empathy goes both ways.

Don’t talk too much about yourself in a sales relationship. Rather, use your personal experience with the product as a door opener to ask questions to potential customers to hear more about his needs.

Managed Intuition

Seth Godin writes:

[…] the art of management is in understanding that all problems are different, and that your intuition and insight are the key.

On HBS Working Knowledge I read in When Not to Trust Your Guts:

[…] with the use of intuition comes the potential for significant psychological biases that lead to irrationality. By accepting this fact, you can learn to overcome bias and think more rationally during your most important negotiations.

Management is also about managing intuition.