ZZ/OSS Adopts PEAR's Version Naming Standard

The PEAR Group has announced a new standard on version naming. ZZ/OSS will adopt it in total and future releases of our software will be compatible with the proposed standard.

Slowly, but steadily, the PEAR Group sets basic and very necessary standards for PHP software development. Have a look at all Administrative Documents released so far. ZZ/OSS regards all of them as guidelines for professional PHP coding and we fully support them.

To PEAR or to disaPEAR

… is the question of a current thread being discussed on pear-dev. Discussion mainly circles around “forking” PEAR to make a PEAR2 which might break BC to previous packages, run on PHP5 only, etc. Some quotes:

Stopping in the middle to start new isn’t the best way I think. (Daniel Khan)

Having PEAR 2 is basically the same like the Ferrari F1 Team changing the motor, because the mechanicians aren’t working properly. (Martin Jansen)

The main problem i saw in PEAR since the begining wasnt technical, was as someone said, managerial. I can name a lot of good technical companies/technologies that disappear even being the best option in the
market. Betmax is classical, Netscape is the new one. PEAR? Will not make a big wave if it disapPEAR, looking at the current state of affairs. (S. Rocha)

What actually prevents us from creating a new pear to even better handle upgrade to PHP5 and repair some definite technical issues, etc.? (Tobias Schlitt)

“You heard that? PEAR was so broken they had to start it all over! I am not touching the thing with a 10 feet pole!” (Alexey Borzov)

Personally, I would love to see a new start with packages that consequently use PHP5’s OO features. Who really cares about the PHP4 OO features once he knows what PHP5 can do? Hence, who really cares about the old PEAR if there’s a PEAR for PHP 5? As PHP4 OO is not the best choice for mission critical projects, anyone seriously doing OO with PHP in the future, will use PHP5 and related packages from the new PEAR.

via pear-dev

ZZ/OSS Installer Being Discussed on PEAR-dev Mailinglist

Greg started a discussion question about PEAR vs. Zzoss installer on the pear-dev Mailinglist. I just realized it by chance because I unsubscribed myself from the list before my holidays. Now I am back, but too busy with work. Greg and Stefan, thanks so far for bringing up the topic! I hope, the ideas developed at ZZ/OSS can help improving the PEAR package manager and we all can profit from it. As soon as I have some time left, I will devote it to the installer project.