Call for Papers: eZ publish Conference 2006

The call for papers for next year’s eZ publish Conference is out.

eZ is accepting proposals on the following topics:

  • eZ publish
  • Enterprise CMS
  • Enterprise PHP

The submission deadline for all proposals is January 16, 2006.

eZ publish Conference 2006 will take place in Skien/Norway from June 20-23, 2006.

Of course, the eZ Enterprise Components [1] will be a hot topic there, as well as the forthcoming eZ publish 4.0.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Components from SVN Tutorial

Celebrating 1 year @ eZ

Exactly one year ago, at November 16th 2004, I entered the doors of the eZ systems office in Skien/Norway and saw the shoes of my colleagues. In Norway, you always take off your shoes when entering a house and put on your slippers, so does the eZ crew in the headquarters.

Meanwhile, the shoes got removed from the entrance and are being piled somewhere else, out-of-sight for visiting customers. I am still at eZ systems and admit, that this is the coolest company I ever got to know. Just happy to work there!

Colleagues showing their mountaines

End of October/beginning of November is the best hiking season here, so we went at Oct 30th to some mountains, about 1,5h from where I live. With my dear eZ colleagues Terje and Melissa, I exchanged some mountain pictures – isn’t it nice to be in an international company?

Neunerk�?�?�?¶pfle (Tannheimer Tal), Austria
Neunerköpfle (Tannheimer Tal)/Austria
Santa Maria, Brazil
Melissa, in Santa Maria/Brazil
Close to Skien/Norway, where the eZ office is