LOTS of Workshops and Talks

Soon, there will be LOTS of workshops and talks on Open Source in Switzerland. For the second time, this event takes place in Bern/Switzerland, from Feb 17-19.

This is my first time representing eZ systems at an Open Source event and I am looking forward to that.

I am going to do several presentation on the eZ publish CMS: a workshop, a talk, and a demo. You can grab the first eZ publish Live-CDs there, I am going to bring them with me. They are bootable CDs, based on Mandrake Move and having a ready-made eZ publish pre-installed.

At the end of LOTS, I will moderate a panel discussion on Open Events – The Open Source Bazaar. Basically, we will try to identify differences and similarities between Open Source and typical business events, the way how knowledge is shared at “Bazaars” like LOTS, etc.