Informatik 2004 & KI 2004

Now that summer’s over, the second half of this year’s conference season starts. For me, conference hopping resumes in Ulm/Germany, which is just around the corner of my new home town Biberach. Actually, it’s two conferences in one from September 20-24: Informatik 2004 and the other on artificial intelligence.

I will definitely attend the following two workshops (because I am interested in the topic, but as well because I help out the organisers):

Algorithms and Protocols for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Applications

Open Source Software in an Industrial Environment

Haven’t decided yet which other sessions to attend, there are just too many interesting things going on…

Thanks to Alexander Kaiser who made me aware of this fantastic event and who helped me get the ticket 😉

Book On Artificial Intelligence

I am currently reading a very good book on artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it’s available in German only: “KI – Künstliche Intelligenz. Grundlagen intelligenter Systeme” by Klaus Mainzer. What I like about this book is that the author is far from assuming that computers can become intelligent in a way that human beings are. He rather defines intelligence on the basis of communication theory (the complexity of digital patterns) and physics/biology (entropy and autopoietic systems) and accounts for the difference of intelligent systems that evolved during evolution (e.g. human beings and computers).

For intelligence to take place, it needs an open system that can keep information flow, he states. Maybe someone wants to write a PhD based on these theories about the Open Source movement? 😉 Or maybe someone knows about such a thesis that has already been written, then please comment.