Seminar on Open Source Marketing in Istanbul

Next week, Thursday, I will present in Istanbul, Turkey on “Does Open Source Software Needs Marketing? Why and How”.

Here’s further information from the invitation letter:

We would like to see you among us for the Open Source Marketing seminar
jointly organized by TUBITAK UEKAE and IBM-Bilgi Center for Advanced Studies,
to take place on November 27th at 13:00 in Istanbul Bilgi University
Dolapdere Campus.

The seminar will be delivered by Sandro Groganz, the founder of and consultant
for the open source marketing firm InitMarketing. Detailed info regarding the
seminar is provided below.

Date: November 27, 2008 Thursday
Time: 13:00
Plave: Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus

Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Pardus Project // TÃœBÄ°TAK UEKAE

Does Open Source Software Needs Marketing? Why and How

The market share of Open Source software will double within the next four
years. More and more new companies provide Open Source products right from
the start and established players release their source code under an OSS

These days, everyone knows that Open Source is a viable business model – but
how does one successfully market an Open Source product? A download link
alone will not suffice. It rather needs a strategy combinin traditional
marketing with community relations and social media marketing.

This presentation will showcase examples from the Open Source domain and
provide hands-on advice about how to unfold a vital Open Source ecosystem
where geeks and customers alike contribute to value creation.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Thanks to Erkan Tekman of Pardus fame for organizing it.

Open Source Marketing Workshop at OSBF

For all of you in the German-speaking regions of Europe, OSBF will offer various talks related to marketing Open Source software. As a founding member of OSBF’s Open Source Sales & Marketing Group, I’ll present a two hours introductory workshop about Open Source marketing and will be available for Q&A afterwards.

Yet, the dates are not set and we are still collecting feedback from OSBF members on the topics.

OSBF members will not pay for attending the presentations, non-members will be charged EUR150.

Workshop at Open Source in Mobile Conference – Get 25% Off

InitMarketing teamed up with Olliance Group and we’ll present a workshop entitled Building an Effective Commercial Open Source Strategy at Open Source in Mobile (OSiM) conference, Berlin, September 19th. My fellow Roberto already posted some details about the OSiM workshop.

I got some 25% discount vouchers for the conference (valid until Friday, Sept 5th) – shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get one to you.

Slides of LinuxTag and Webinale Presentations on Marketing Open Source Software

My talk entitled Marketing Open Source Software at LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany was very well attended and the audience asked some great questions.

Find below the slides. I have added three more graphs related to Open Source business models to the slides deck I had used at previous presentations.

I have also uploaded the German slides of my presentation Marketing von Open-Source-Software at Webinale in Karlsruhe, Germany.