Flying Garage

Yet, no proof of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I have photographic evidence that the Flying Garage exists:

IMG 5173

Yes, and the flying truck also exists:

IMG 5182

Actually, the wonder did not happen unexpectedly, we ordered and paid for it. We also had the entrance to our house paved:


Now we can easily access and leave our house with the pram, which is still silently waiting in the corner of our corridor for the baby to arrive within the next days … let the real wonder begin!

Just Finished Reading all of the Internet

Today is a great day, because after 11 years, I am finally done reading the Internet.

I heard that there will be a new version coming out, called Web 2.0? Maybe they can make it a bit easier to read: Navigating through those millions of pages of all those sites was not easy at all. Actually, as long as the contents of the new Internet will also be for free, I don’t really mind all the navigation hassle.

It would be great if they offered the next version of the Internet as a printed book, that would allow for convenient offline reading and I could spend the next 11 years somewhere else, at least not in front of my computer. Then again, I fear that book might become really expensive…

Keep-it-fresh Cups

During LOTS , I came up with an innovation: I was looking for a solution to safely transport a delicious nuts croissant in my notebook bag. Thus, I grabbed two paper cups and a napkin:

Brian named this revolutionary new product the “Keep-it-fresh Cups” and made the above picture. Now, we only need to apply for a patent … 😉

Differences between Italians and Europeans

“This film is dedicated to those who believe that Italians behave the same as all other Europeans.”

You need Flash installed in your browser to view this animation showing all those lovely prejudices about Italians. Turn on your speakers!

About the political background: This animation is circulating in Germany after Berlusconis fatal speech at the European Parliament. You see, the Germans must be humorous persons if they like such movies 🙂

via Timon