Mantras for Entrepreneur's Hygiene

Entrepreneurs are exposed to hubris and heart attack. Below mantras should help to gain back a calm state of mind. Read minimum twice per day (and thanks for raising my page view statistics).

You are not a genius!

Got the feeling that things only get done well if you do them yourself? That only you strive for perfection and others don’t care enough? Relax! First, there are so many chaotic companies out there who make a lot of money. Second, human beings are never perfect, not even you!

Don’t do it for money!

Your VCs scare the hell out of you and you do everything they ask you to do? Stop it! You did not start your business because of money, but because of a vision (make the world a better place or help yourself to afford living in a better place). In the end, it’s you who started it all, it will be your failure or success and that’s just fair.

You don’t own it!

You think you know exactly how your product should look like and you hate when others don’t get it? Let loose! Business success has a lot to do with not being selfish. If your product is a success, the whole world owns it (given a best case scenario). Everyone will buy it (again, best case scenario), because it helps them in their daily life. Listen to potential customers from the early days, because they might want to own your product.

If you take these mantras seriously, you will feel like a sociable genius, soon-to-be rich entrepreneur, and you will be proud of the company you own. Now, read again!

4 thoughts on “Mantras for Entrepreneur's Hygiene

  1. Sandro, these advices are in the holy spirit to make the world a better place, but I agree just to 1 of 3. (the second)

    You are a genius!
    That is exactly the point who divides the world into entrepreneurs and employees! Don’t care about others judgment, about people who don’t see the genius in you. If you feel so, go and start your own business. No doubt is necessary (or welcome) here.

    You own it! (at least by heart)
    Owning it, at least by heart makes the difference between proprietor led companies and manager led corporations. To bring your vision to success, you risk your daily heart attack while fighting for the only right way.

    Being a real entrepreneur is not a place to hum mantras, but (perhaps?) you can change your live and do so after your success.


  2. Stephan,

    you are of course right. Take this blog posting with a grain of salt.

    It’s supposed to help entrepreneurs keep their brain in a relaxed mode of operation, which is the best one for intuitive decision making. Additionally, above mantras are meant as a tool for entrepreneurs to fight the little voice inside their heads and the many outside who constantly want to make them believe that they are heroes.

    After all, the greatest hero is the one who never wanted to be one, but who saw the necessity and took the chance 🙂



  3. well, mostly it’s more fun and interesting to me to disagree with something, but you mostly get one’s act together. I understand the intention, but I honestly mean that as a entrepreneur you need much power to make it your way. And it helps to be a little bit crazy about yourself.
    Since you are going to become a freelancer, who is a kind of entrepreneur too, you might be the holy exception. 😉


  4. This post makes a lot sense. Sometimes entrepreneurs treat their new business similar to how new parents treat a new baby smothering it with attention and not wanting to release any control. To achieve growth requires them to be able to stand back and guide the business so that it grows naturally.


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