The Day Your Community Comes to Life

A few days ago, it happened for the first time that someone outside of the Mindquarry team answered a question in the Mindquarry forum – that’s when a community starts to blossom.

Especially for an Open Source project, this is a magic moment, because community building is so crucial to its success.

Even though I have seen it before in other projects and companies, I am always astonished when I read in a forum about developers who give a new product a try with a lot of engagement and patience. It’s so great to have virtual strangers all around the globe seriously checking out and working with our product.

Thanks to all our forum participants, we deeply appreciate all your feedback!

PS: The best tool to start a community is still a forum or mailinglist.

3 thoughts on “The Day Your Community Comes to Life

  1. I guess there’s a deep need for a product like this. That’s the only way to explain why there are people giving mindquarry a try – even if there were a lot and still are some barriers to installation 😉 Also, if our requests are heard in the early stages we might be able to help something that really suits our needs.


  2. Well said graboo, also concerning the “barriers to installation” 🙂 Although, I found installation directly from SVN rather painless. Of course, I had some support from our devs, but that was necessary mainly because I did not know the tools before (maven, jetty).

    I believe it is crucial for the success of an Open Source company to always listen to the community, not only at an early stage. The community can help a lot with going the right way, especially when it comes to solving real needs, e.g. most requested features which should be implemented first.


  3. I’m glad you captured that moment for our company history, Sandro. Getting people helping each other is a holy goal and it helps us lot to prepare the ground for a global support. I just can add on Sandro’s thanks to the forum participant my thanks for their patient collaboration.


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