Digg is too Slow!

I tried out Digg the past weeks for social bookmarking – it’s much too slow! Why should I use such a service if it feels like 100 times slower compared to saving a bookmark in Firefox? The slow performance cannot be compensated by the nice features offered by Digg. Google’s services are always simple to use and fast. If your Web 2.0 site is not as fast as Google, forget it!

9 thoughts on “Digg is too Slow!

  1. Digg is not a Social Bookmarking site, it is a Social NEWS site. Actually, the wikipedia link you provide even states that.


  2. I used “social bookmarking” as a term including “social news”, will use these terms more precisely from now on. Anyway, that doesn’t make Digg faster.


  3. Digg is painfully slow. I’m actually amazed people use it so much. That’s a lot of waiting. I wonder how much time has been wasted by people waiting for digg to open. Anyway… found it funny that you have a link below your post to digg this post


  4. I know this is a REALLY old post – I’m sorry. But I was wondering if you mean that it’s slow at their actual website of if their badges cause your blog to load slowly.

    I’m having a serious problem loading Digg Badges on my site, my readers want them, but they want the site to load in less than 2 minutes.

    Feel free to e-mail me.


  5. Hi Kevin,

    it’s their website which I regarded as really slow. Don’t know if they solved the problem, because most of the news on Digg is not really of interest to me.

    I checked your blog and the Digg Badges there indeed load too slowly. Don’t know how this can be solved, maybe with some intelligent caching that captures each Digg Badge, saves it locally on your server and refreshes them every 5 or 10 minutes.

    Good luck!


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