Funky ABBA by Nils Landgren

Got this CD for one year now and it is still one of my favourites: Funky ABBA by Nils Landgren and the Funk Unit. This is intelligent feel good music of high quality!

Landgren and his band rearranged some of the ABBA chartbreakers in a very creative manner, thus providing unique standalone interpretations which sound fresh as fresh can be. These are the kind of song covers which I like, with the musicians putting all their heart and soul into the rearrangements and interpretation.

Some of the songs have the initial lyrics and melody almost entirely preserved, while others can almost not be recognized by the ABBA song which formed the basis for the new song version.

You can listen to some sample songs here:

2 thoughts on “Funky ABBA by Nils Landgren

  1. Hi there, hope you’re fine! My boyfriend was in 2004 on e concert of funky abba unfortunatly i was in england. He told me, the concert was great and he gave me your cd. My question now is, if you are again in zurich for a concert. I would like to see you once. Can you tell me if a concert is the next time?

    I would be very happy to see a concert…

    Thanks for your answer…

    Greets Melanie

    p.s. of corse my boyfriend would be happy as well to see you again… 🙂


  2. Hi Melanie,

    did you check out Nils Landgren’s Web site whether he’ll play the Funky ABBA program somewhere live? I did not see anything there.

    Right now, I don’t know when I’ll be in Zurich again, but please let me know should Nils Landgren be there or if there’s anything else funky going on 🙂


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