The Myth of Separating Presentation and Content

“Don’t worry, I was like you too once. I believed that it was possible to define a document format so that I could separate the “look” of the document with the actual information that I was trying to convey. But it turns out that this only works with simple documents. As your document increases in complexity, you shouldn’t need to define new markup to make the document truly structured and portable. So what has to happen, and it does happen all the time, is that the document author goes beyond the markup and considers the presentation of the document.” [1]


SRW, the "Search/Retrieve Web Service" Protocol

“SRW is the “Search/Retrieve Web Service” protocol, which aims to integrate access to various networked resources, and to promote interoperability between distributed databases, by providing a common utilization framework. SRW is a web-service-based protocol whose underpinnings are formed by bringing together more than 20 years experience from the collective implementers of the Z39.50 Information Retrieval protocol with recent developments in the web technologies arena.”[1]


Against the Grain: Getting Projects To Work Together

Some thoughts on collaborating Free and Open Source projects by Gregor J. Rothfuss and Paul Everitt:

“Last year we wrote a piece here questioning whether open source projects were motivated to work with each other. This article was in the context of our work with OSCOM and its attempts to bring together open source content management projects and developers.

The article stimulated some interesting questions. Now that we’ve had some time to take some steps and try some ideas, we thought it appropriate to report back.”[1]

via OSCOM general mailinglist