Progress of Open Source Marketing Consultancy

I am happy to share some exciting news with you about the Open Source marketing consultancy I currently build up:

  • I found a “f*****g awesome” (as Zak put it) company name. Thanks to Zak Greant, Lars Trieloff and Markus Nix for valuable feedback.
  • Luckily, I was able to register the related domain name.
  • European Patent and Trademark Attorney Dr. Christian Reinders helped me register the trademark.
  • Two great people will join the consultancy right from the start. They both are highly experienced when it comes to Open Source marketing and will add their specific expertise to the consultancy’s services portfolio. Their joining means that we will have offices in England and USA from day one.

The corporate Web site will go online mid February with a preliminary simple design. We will announce a logo contest at the day the Web site is up. The winner will receive an iPod touch and $50 for iTunes. Once we have a logo, the site’s design will be adjusted.

We also plan to provide a public forum where we will be happy to answer questions related to Open Source marketing.

As you might already guess: we intend to market the consultancy using the same Open Source marketing techniques which we recommend to and execute for our customers.

About Sandro Groganz

Sandro Groganz is an expert in the field of marketing open-source products. He co-founded Age of Peers, a global communications agency for organizations in Open Source. He served as Head of Marketing at Magnolia, creator of the open web content management system Magnolia CMS, Vice President of Marketing at Mindquarry, an open source startup financed by Hasso Plattner Ventures, and Vice President of Communication at eZ Systems, the creator of the open source content management system eZ Publish.

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