Celebrating 1 year @ eZ

Exactly one year ago, at November 16th 2004, I entered the doors of the eZ systems office in Skien/Norway and saw the shoes of my colleagues. In Norway, you always take off your shoes when entering a house and put on your slippers, so does the eZ crew in the headquarters.

Meanwhile, the shoes got removed from the entrance and are being piled somewhere else, out-of-sight for visiting customers. I am still at eZ systems and admit, that this is the coolest company I ever got to know. Just happy to work there!

About Sandro Groganz

Sandro Groganz is an expert in the field of marketing open-source products. He co-founded Age of Peers, a global communications agency for organizations in Open Source. He served as Head of Marketing at Magnolia, creator of the open web content management system Magnolia CMS, Vice President of Marketing at Mindquarry, an open source startup financed by Hasso Plattner Ventures, and Vice President of Communication at eZ Systems, the creator of the open source content management system eZ Publish.

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